Thursday, September 23, 2010

Saya Sayang Mereka Semua


hello everyone. i created this blog about a year ago but i didn't get to update it from time to time. so yeah, i think it shall be categorized as a newbies as let this be my very official first entry. i don't want to make u bored with my personal info how about browsing some of my photos ( while i'm thinking what to post for the next entry)

The pictures may not be as bombastic as the photos u always see on FLIKR
but they got values in my heart. so u can start the eye candy now!
* and they are random photos*

baba with my nieces and nephew
( mama is not into camera)


there u go. mama ada pon.oh ye itu 2 org are my big sistas & eldest bro

elder brother with newborn nephew

ini baby dalia.


love em' to bits

irreplaceablesecond to none

the best companion!

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