Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Almost 1 year baby.

salam everyone.

It's been a while since i posted an entry. I'm so glad that i've got all the time i want to write this piece since i'm not working anymore.

okay now i'm jobless. not because i don't want to work anymore. there's a lot to spill actually.
i just couldn't stand the old workplace anymore.for security purposes, am not telling which company i worked for.

actually it was my first job ever. my first experience.

i was about close to one year of serving the company before i handed in my resignation letter.nah.not that important though because all they ever wanted is a employee who is  blinded the salary dan pengampu..if u understand what am sayin. TAK SUKA LA PENGAMPU. How can u live like that? Ever since sekolah saya tak reti nak mengipas ..that's why i was not nominated to be a prefect.no offense ye wahai pengawas di luar sana.that's just my opinion

on the other hand, for the first 4 months i was suffering "makan basic je" which was killing everybody.macam mana la saya bole tahan dan tak angkat kaki saja waktu itu.

lepas tu, i was selected to be in the pilot team( eleh ckp je la tikus putih) to try the new invention and offer it to the selected customers.
it was quite impressive jugak the outcome.
daripada tak reti tros jadi expertise. Janji macam-macam konon nk bagi incentive to the pilot team. well..biasa lah menanam tebu di tepi bibir.

Tapi, Alhamdulillah,
somewhere in May they announced the hottest news saying that we gonna get commission. semua pon suka gila. high commision is everybody's dream kan..mcm saya, msih bru lagi..it was the best news for the ones yang dah keja lama.tpi kan

.as u all know. mana ada happy ending.there's a price u have to pay ok.

inilah syarat-syaratnya

  • anda perlu hit the exact amount of values and total rm, baru anda bole menarik nafas lega sbb jika tidak, anda hanya boleh makan basic sahaja walaupun anda hanya kekurangan satu sen untuk melepasi tahap yg ditetapkan. kejam
  • semua orang diketegorikan dalam kelas masing-masing.kelas ape? ha..mcm sekolah tak. ok if you're among the best, the target is highest among the rest. TINGGI GILA TARGET MELAMPAU-MELAMPAU. gaji pon berbeza-beza mengikut kelas anda.apakah ini?
  • then kalau tak achieve target, u'll be put under the observation. serious mcm kelas pemulihan.WTH
  • so as an employee, u don't have any chance to speak out, just follow the rules without any complaints. bagai lembu dicucuk hidung.
SO yah. take it or leave it. you want to live with money. so just stay.seriously.ada juga company macam ni. People yang stay tu just for the sake of money.am fully understand. as long as u can bear with it kan.. for me i had enough.so long farewell i need to say goodbye.

Bukan nak memalukan sesiapa..anggap je ini satu teladan okay and an experience that i want to share with u. so any of u who read this saying that im a bad employee complaining about my former company. go ahead.be my guest. after all im a consumer like all of u. that company really needs COMPLAINTS to improve their bad management.

complaints are sometimes good in order to improve and getting better. so yeah. be cool ~

sangat kena berhati-hati lepas ni. walaupun company tu ada big name in Malaysia. jangan lah tertipu.tak semestinya they are the best.

sekian ye.

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