Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mrs Heels

i've got this obsess feelings for heels. Teruk kan. swap men for heels.

Been wondering what is it like to wear Jimmy Choo ? Selesa ke or does it just pleasant in the eyes but not your feet?

hem..for someone who earns millions of cash probably will have a weekend shopping and grab Stuart Weitzman or even Christian Louboutin. Kalau Duit macam air..boleh la shopping macam tu. unlike me. Jobless and penniless.

Saya bukan nak yang mahal sangat. The one that i can afford like Aldo. am not going to withdraw any of my savings just for the sake of heels. i'll wait. =) Yes i can wait ..fortune will come for those who wait. I believe in that. *tunggu SALE la ape lagi*

So next the next paycheck will be invested on Aldo. The peep toe is insanely gorgeous and comfortable.=) simple yet elegant

Aldo Peep toe This is my future sweetheart

Actually there are plenty of shoes that are in my list. They are not designer shoes but looks like one though. =) Here , take a look. They are waiting for me to buy them all.


It's not that i'm a materialistic person.hello who isn't? I mean , it depends on how can you control your wants and your needs. =) Basically, i need heels. i can't even walk properly if i wear slippers or wedges. i think i look funny. so it's not what i want.. it's what i need. =)

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